Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Alvatore, GN Flag & Others

Mecha design of Alvatore (previously called Avuratore on my blog) and GN Flag from the last episode of Gundam Double O.

00Setting_Aburutore_s 00Setting_GNFlag_s
I don't see how Alvatore's wings cover the MS's body when it's in MA mode ^^;
For Graham's GN Flag, does that look like an extra GN Drive on its left shoulder? Or is that the location where the GN Drive was mounted in Episode 22?
The image of Alvatore is also available on SRW Hotnews.

Also available are the images of Gundam Mk. III and Shin Musha Gundam. The earlier will be the next GFF to be released in late June. MG Shin Musha will be available in June at 4,725 Yen.

GundamMk3_setting_s MushaGundamSetting_s
Shin Musha's backpack is straight from Gundam Ver. Ka ^^