Friday, April 18, 2008

Lancelot Air Cavalry & Guren Type-02

Unlike Gundam Double O, there is significantly less model kits released based on the series. Actually it applied to Season One as well ^^; So far, there are only three this year: Lancelot Royal Coating Ver., Lancelot Air Cavalry and the most recent Guren Type-02. If you remember well, Lancelot Air Cavalry only features add-ons for the first kit released last year, when Season One of the anime was aired. So, it’s not exactly a new kit anyway.

Next up on the very short list will be Vinsent, coming in May.

The exact reason behind such discrimination is really hard to say. I used to think that Code Geass as a new entry in the mecha-anime world may not be lucrative enough for Bandai to release many of its models, and as the setting of the mecha are relatively much smaller than the Gundam Universe, not many models can be released anyway. For Exia alone, we have 1/60, 1/144, 1/100 scale models; for Code Geass on the other hand, since the 1/35 scale version of the models are already designed with details such as the pilot figures, even more details will be needed for the much larger releases. The profitability from smaller scale models may not be attractive enough for Bandai to consider.

Also, plenty of Code Geass models will also mean that we'll get very few Gunplas during this period. I believe between the two franchises, Gundam will always be Bandai's No. 1 choice.

Anyway, this posting is supposed to be about completed Code Geass models from Japanese model collectors but I stray off the topic instead ^^;

1/35 Mechanic Collection Lancelot Air Cavlary - by Climax F

ClimaxF_1-35_Lancelot_01_s ClimaxF_1-35_Lancelot_02_s
ClimaxF_1-35_Lancelot_03_s ClimaxF_1-35_Lancelot_04_s
ClimaxF_1-35_Lancelot_05_s ClimaxF_1-35_Lancelot_06_s
ClimaxF_1-35_Lancelot_07_s ClimaxF_1-35_Lancelot_08_s
ClimaxF_1-35_Lancelot_09_s ClimaxF_1-35_Lancelot_10_s
ClimaxF_1-35_Lancelot_11_s ClimaxF_1-35_Lancelot_12_s

1/35 Mechanic Collection Guren Type-02 - by Lifezoids

Lifezoids_Guren2nd_02_s Lifezoids_Guren2nd_03_s
Lifezoids_Guren2nd_04_s Lifezoids_Guren2nd_06_s
Lifezoids_Guren2nd_07_s Lifezoids_Guren2nd_08_s
Lifezoids_Guren2nd_09_s Lifezoids_Guren2nd_10_s
Lifezoids_Guren2nd_11_s Lifezoids_Guren2nd_12_s

Between Lancelot and Guren Type-02, I like the later more. Apart from the glossy parts, the evil-looking claw is really quite intimidating. The display stand is a real bonus too. I won't deny that if I can fulfill my Gunpla wish list, I will consider Guren Type-02 as well ^^