Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Perfect Change Cybaster

As reported back in late February, Studio Half Eye was developing a transformable action figure of Cybaster, and after more than a month of waiting, the uncolored prototype back then is completed!

SHE_Transformable_Cybuster_06_s SHE_Transformable_Cybuster_07_s
SHE_Transformable_Cybuster_08_s SHE_Transformable_Cybuster_09_s
While the articulation of this Cybaster is capable of handling many action poses, the one with the sword in the first picture is the most coolsome one for me ^^

SHE_Transformable_Cybuster_01_s SHE_Transformable_Cybuster_02_s
SHE_Transformable_Cybuster_03_s SHE_Transformable_Cybuster_04_s
There's no problem telling which part comes from where between the two forms XD

SHE_Transformable_Cybuster_12_s SHE_Transformable_Cybuster_13_s
Comparison with Studio Half Eye's previous release, transformable Grungust.

The first batch of production is for the mail orders received by the company, scheduled to be shipped in late April. The second batch of production will be released in late May. The price is 59,850 Yen.


SHE_Transformable_Cybuster_10_s SHE_Transformable_Cybuster_11_s
Fans who bought this action figure through mail order or direct marketing will get a pair of Familiars, one of Cybaster's hidden weapons ^^

All images from Studio Half Eye.