Saturday, April 12, 2008

Recent and Upcoming SRW Kits

Several awesome SRW kits from Kotobukiya. Daizenger Ikkitousen is available now, the other three are upcoming kits.

DyzengerIkkitousen_New_01_s DyzengerIkkitousen_New_02_s
Non-scale Daizenger Ikkitousen - 16,800 Yen
Images from Kotobukiya.

DyzengerBox03_s DyzengerBox04_s
The box of Daizenger Ikkitousen - I never knew the box would be this huge. O_O It seems like it's just as big as that of HGUC Dendrobium.
Images from Toysdaily.

The crest is printed onto the shield. Nice ^^

Plenty of huge parts in this kit (obviously).

Aussenseiter's mane, as well as the special cape for Daizenger are made of PVC material.

HobbySearch_Ikkitousen_05_s HobbySearch_Ikkitousen_06_s
I'm sure none of your other models can match Daizenger Ikkitousen's "aura" of awesomeness XD
Images from Hobby Search.

AlteisenRieseNew00_s AlteisenRieseNew01_s
AlteisenRieseNew02_s AlteisenRieseNew03_s
1/144 Alteisen Riese - Late April release, 4,800 Yen
Images from Kotobukiya.

HobbySearchAltelion_01_s HobbySearchAltelion_02_s
HobbySearchAltelion_03_s HobbySearchAltelion_04_s
1/144 YAM-008-2 Altelion - June, 4,200 Yen
Images from Hobby Search.
* Images are also up on Kotobukiya's site.

GrungustType0_01_s GrungustType0_02_s
GrungustType0_03_s GrungustType0_04_s
Non-scale Grungust Type-0 - July, 4,800 Yen
Images from Kotobukiya.