Friday, April 04, 2008

Having Fun with Gundam Double O Again

While the anime was unbelievably gloomy and tragic, there's no stopping of fans having fun with it in their own way ^^

Allelujah_Setsuna_Cosplay_s Tieria_Cosplay_s
Gundam Meisters' cosplay. Hmm... ...

What happened to Tieria? XD

Haruhi_00_s the_melancholy_of_haruhi__306_1280_s
My favorite of them all - Ptolemaios crew parodying The Melancholy of Haruhi.
They seem identical if you don't look carefully ^^
Wallpaper on the right is from Madman Home.

SDExia_s SDGrahamsFlag_s
SD Exia and Graham's Customized Flag. Personally, Flag's coolsome-ness was upgraded many many folds after Episode 18. Why did the director finishes him off in a single episode is really anti-climatic.

SD Allelujah and Kyrios.
I wonder when are we going to see Gundam Double O MSs being designed and released in SD format?

The secret original plot line for the conflict between the Meisters in Episode 7 XD. Read from right to left.

That's right folks - treasure your MSs, and Gunplas too ^^