Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 13

Unfinished: Daddy Fight

After the major (not exactly ^^;) Kiva versus Ixa last week, we are back to the more Kiva versus Fangire actions. As for Keisuke, after being defeated by Kiva, he becomes mentally unstable (whether it has anything to do with the Ixa System is unexplained though), which results in him being arrested after beating up a reckless driver (and for being rude to Megumi XD).

Well, I suppose we won't be seeing him again any soon ^^;

Back to the story in present time, Wataru still practices in Kengo's Ikemens rock band. He is offered a professional debut by a mysterious man called Tooru Miyake, who turns out to be the Rhinoceros Fangire who feeds on human beings with dreams and ambitions. After Wataru turns down his offer, Miyake goes to approach Kengo instead. Unaware of the huge trouble ahead of him, Kengo even go to work at a construction site to get the money to fulfill his dream.

Back to the story in 1986, Yuri and Jiro become closer after the Ixa System incident last week. Only Otoya knows the true identity of Jiro, and when he blows Jiro's identity just when he is about to capture another soul, he gets some heavy pounding from the blue wolf. In the next encounter, Jiro is about to give Otoya another beating when Otoya flashes out his new toy - the Ixa System dropped by Jiro. Despite his fury, Jiro finds himself to be at the mercy of Otoya this time, the fight is unfinished though.

Onto Kiva's fight against the Rhinoceros Fangire, Kiva is totally powerless against his fowl this time, and the Bashaa form summoned is as good as nothing at all. The fight is unfinished as well.

Next week episode will be an awesome one. Why? Because Kiva's Dogga form is coming!

Finally, Rikki, the butler will be summoned ^^