Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Tag-Tag Game

Ngee Khiong just turns 24 a few minutes ago ^^

This posting is a long overdue tag (again) from Andrea, ^^; plus some extra ones I took from her blog. I guess doing it right now would be much more meaningful, as it would probably let you know me better, rather than the mere 'Gundam fan in Malaysia'. ^^;

Ngee Khiong in 1985: to eat (the grape in his hand) or not to eat was a question.

1. Real name = Ngeekhiong Chang
2. Nickname = My friends back in primary school used to call me T-Rex for my 'uncompromising' (means bad ^^;) temper.
3. Married = Single
4. Male or Female = Male
5. Highschool = SMB Kuching High
6. College = Swinburne University of Technology (Sarawak Campus)
7. Short or long hair = Very short
8. Are you a health freak = Not really, I always lost control when good food is around ^^;
9. Height = 176 cm
10. Do you have a crush on someone = Not at the moment
11. Do you like yourself = Always, else nobody will like you
12. Piercings =None
13. Righty or Lefty = Righty

14. First surgery =
To stitch up the wound on my forehead, the result of a fall from the stair when I was still little.
15. First piercing(s) = I don't think I'll ever have this first experience XD
16. First person you see in the morning = Myself
17. First award = I think there was a lucky draw for some sort of toy when I was little. I can't remember how many packets of snacks I ate to win the draw.
18. First sport you joined = Basketball in primary school
19. First pet = A cat I picked up when I was in primary school, which I named after myself. He ran away after a few days. ToT

I think he went traveling ToT

20. First vacation = Sibu
21. First concert = Yet to come
22. First crush = In my secondary school.

23. Eating =
24. Drinking = Plain water
25. I'm about to = Start preparing the stuff for my work tomorrow - just keep on delaying until time is almost out ^^;

When can I get a weekend like this? -_-

26. Want kids =
Three or four, must plan with my future wife as well right?
27. Want to get married = Ya, not anytime soon though.
28. Careers in mind = Education, a place where I can pursue my own research and higher studies.

29. Lips or eyes =
Eyes, I remember girls better based on their eyes instead of their lips.
30. Hugs or kisses = Hugs, I don't think I can handle kisses yet XD
31. Shorter or taller = I prefer if the girl of my choice to be about the same height as me.
32. Romantic or spontaneous = Romantic, the slow and steady type
33. Sensitive or loud = Sensitive, but not the keep-secrets-from-you type.
34. Trouble maker or hesitant = Trouble maker, I mean the both of us. It would be nice if we can talk to each other when we have trouble and try to sort it out together.

35. Kissed a stranger =
36. Drank bubbles = Hard drinks? Ya, quite a bit back in secondary school. I've given them up long ago.
37. Lost glasses/contacts = Ya, back in my secondary school. It was one of those dreadful days when I couldn't wake up early, and everything was in a mess. I couldn't find the glasses even when I was like sniffing around on the floor. Had to ask my mother to look for them, not before a 'shower' of course ^^;
38. Ran away from home = Never had enough guts to do it.
39. Liked someone younger = Err... many actually...
40. Liked someone older = One or two I think.
41. Broken someone's heart = Don't think so.
42. Been arrested = Never
43. Cried when someone died = Ya, at the funeral of a close relative.
44. Liked a friend = Ya, a few of them actually

45. Yourself =
All the time
46. Miracles = No
47. Heaven = No
48. Santa claus = Never
49. Angels = No

50. Is there one person you want to be with right now =

I is very cute, come and be with me liaw~

51. Do you believe in God = No
52. Tag 5 people = Just copy and paste the questions into your blog and do the tag if you like them lah~

53. Where were you at 3:02 AM this morning?
Friday, 11 April - Dreamland

I was having a nightmare of being attacked by dozens of piglets! HELP!!

54. What was the first thing you thought of this morning?
Trying to figure out which day it was in the week.

I woke up this morning and found out that I forgot to put on my pants again last night. Bugger!

55. Is the person you have a crush on older or younger than you?
(Secondary school crush) Younger.

I don't know if she is older or younger than me, but she sure is a lot bigger than me XD

56. What did you do last night?
Preparing stuff for my work the next day.

I was trying to figure out why so many people like this dumb game last night.

57. What do you hope to do this weekend?
Unfortunately, I have to work this weekend, on my birthday X_X

Hanging out with my gang this weekend! ^^ Yippie!!

58. Do you think you will be in a relationship 3 months from now?
Don't think so ^^;

59. What song are you listening to?
Stephanie - Friends ^^

I'm not listening to anything right now~

60. Have you ever told someone of the opposite sex you loved them?
No, I'm not very good with very direct gesture of love and care ^^;

The last time I told her, she fell asleep right away! Arghh~

61. How’s your heart lately?
Very healthy, since it's long after Chinese New Year now XD

62. What were you doing at 7 a.m?
Woke up but feeling very sleepy...

This is how I looked like at 7 this morning.

63. What were you doing this afternoon at 12 p.m.?
Lunch time I think.

64. What was the reason you last cried?
Sand in my eyes.

The last time I cried was when I found out that I'm just as big as a cat T_T
No wonder all my other friends laugh at me so often.

65. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
Sorry, it was "300"

66. Have you ever driven without a license?

That's why they set minimum age for driving license!

67. Have you ever talked to someone when they were high?
No, since I don't drink, I don't get to meet people when they are drinking.

This is what happens when I talk to a dog when he is high! HELP!!

68. How many red lights have you ran?
In my limited experience of driving, none.

Red light? Where's the red light? I see no red light!

69. Have you ever cried while in the shower?
No, shower time is always good time for me ^^

70. Have you ever, in any way, been betrayed by someone you trusted?
Plenty of times. They are just bad experience to train your endurance and virtue, get over those people and move on. That's what I told myself all this while.

Oh no! My Samurai body guards are betraying me! HELP!!

71. When was the last time you were given roses?
During my graduation in 2007 I think.

72. Is there anything that you are craving for right now?
You want me to show you my Gunpla wish-list? XD

I'm craving for something to scratch my back now! HELP!!

73. Where did your last hug take place?
See answer of Question 8.

Free hug! ^^

74. Do people ever make stupid mistakes when spelling or saying your name?
Sometimes people forgot the 'h' in 'Khiong'.

That's the nth time you call my name wrongly. Now take THIS!!

75. Do you drink tea?
Tea is my favorite drink ^^

Tea is healthier... and a lot safer too! HELP!!

76. When was the last time you saw a cop?
A few weeks back on the road.

Stupid annoying cops are bugging me -_-

77. Do you wet the toothbrush before the toothpaste?
Of course.

78. Does someone like you?
Yes, I believe so.

I think he likes me... ... or maybe not... ...

79. What do you hope to accomplish before the year ends?
Fulfill at least 80 percent of my Gunpla wish list perhaps (around 15 of them) ^^; Other bigger wishes are classified.

I'm going to roll my watermelon around the world this year. One step, two steps, three steps, four... ...