Thursday, April 24, 2008

MG Sinanju... Not Yet

So sorry everyone, looks like the MG Sinanju to come out in this month's hobby magazine reported some time ago turned out to be a scratch built version instead. So sorry to disappoint all Sinanju and Zeon fans. ^^;

I really hope that Bandai would release an MG Sinanju (or at least announce the news for that) soon. This Zeon mecha is just too hot! ^^

SRWHotnewsSinanju_01_s SRWHotnewsSinanju_02_s
SRWHotnewsSinanju_03_s SRWHotnewsSinanju_04_s
SRWHotnewsSinanju_06_s SRWHotnewsSinanju_05_s
SRWHotnewsSinanju_08_s SRWHotnewsSinanju_07_s
Plenty of thumbs ups to Matsumi Numamoto for this scratch built Sinanju ^^
All images from SRW Hotnews.