Friday, April 25, 2008

An Open Apology & Others

First thing first, I would like to issue an open apology to everyone regarding three previous postings on my blog:

(1) Latest News on HGUC & Others - Tuesday, April 22nd

(2) HG 1/144 Alvaaron in July EDITED - Wednesday, April 9th

(3) MG Sinanju - Monday, March 24th

I was a bit worried some time after those three postings were published, as it seemed that my blog was the only one putting them up. Reliable sources like Gunota Headlines and SRW Hotnews were completely silent about them. And of course some of the comments from the readers were very helpful in finding out the suspicions about these postings too.

Apparently the HGUC Barzam and HG 1/144 Alvaroon mentioned to be coming soon has being revealed as being hoaxes. The image of HG 1/144 Alvaroon was discovered to be from Futaba Image Board, and was NOT an official news release by Bandai. The announcement about an upcoming MG Sinanju turned out to be just a scratch built version featured in Hobby Japan June issue, posted yesterday.

As for HGUC Barzam:

That image is exactly the same from the box image of the resin kit released by B-Club years ago. ^^;
Image on the right is from Yahoo! Auction Hong Kong.

So very sorry, especially to rpt011r and Auriga who left comments for the first posting mentioned above, as well as Chappers, steven tsai, Ryan xVx, Q, Starboykb, Adie, MyKy and Anon in the second posting, Enemy+Ace, tanleeseng and Anon in the third posting, as well as for all my other readers. I'll definitely be more careful in reported these 'suspicious' news in the future.

The three postings will be updated as well.

Now, onto more confirmed Gundam news ^^: MG Sword/Launcher Strike Gundam and BB Senshi Sangokuden The Miracle of Kanto box set is not available on Hobby Search.

MG Sword/Launcher Strike Gundam - 5,000 Yen (without tax)

Since the bazooka mentioned yesterday is not an exclusive prize item for this particular MG (it's still limited to Toys"R"Us Japan though), I wonder if that would help to boost its sales.
Or maybe Strike's popularity needs no such promotional help at all? ^^;

For a 5,000 Yen re-release kit, that display stand is a must in my opinion.
Images from Hobby Search.

BB Senshi Sangokuden The Miracle of Kanto box set - 1,200 Yen (without tax).

Image from Hobby Search.

New images of GFF Gundam Mk. III and Metal Composite Psycho Gundam Mk. II:

HJ6_GundamMkIIINew_s HJ6_PsychoMkII_s
Image from Toysdaily.

From Hobbynet, Shenlong Gundam and Gundam Sandrock has finally being announced to be released in HCM-Pro format. Joining Wing, Deathscythe and Heavyarms, the Gundam Team in Gundam Wing series is now complete.

bandai-hcm0030L_s bandai-hcm0031L_s
Much sharper appearance! Shenlong and Sandrock will be available in late May, 2,940 Yen (inclusive of tax).
Images from Hobby Net.

HCM-Pro Gundam Heavyarms from Hobby Japan June issue.
On its left are 1/144 Gundam Collection DX Hi-Nu Gundam and Shin Musha Gundam. Release date and price TBA.
Image from Toysdaily.

Will we be getting Gundam Epyon, Wing Zero Custom, Athron and Deathscythe Hell soon?

Gundam Game SD - Late April release, 200 Yen each. 22 different types.
SD Gundam Full Color 18 - Early May release, 100 Yen each. 10 different types, featuring Dynames with Super Substratospheric Altitude Gun and others.
Image from Toysdaily.

Other upcoming Gundam gashapons:

Gundam Seed The Hyper Hybrid Mode 3rd - Late July release, 6 different types, 700 Yen each.
* Check out the previously released 2nd set on Hobby Search.
Image from Toysdaily.

GFlex Double O 3rd Stage - release date and price TBA.
* Check out the previously released 1st and 2nd set on Gundam Double O's official site.
Image from Toysdaily.

Also, news on upcoming 1/35 Mechanic Collection Vinsent from Code Geass:

May release, 2,100 Yen (inclusive of tax). Vinsent's color scheme always reminds me of Andrew Waltfeld's Customized Murasame. ^^
Image from Toysdaily.