Monday, April 14, 2008

HG 1/144 Gundam Throne Drei

Folks who are interested in the recent HG 1/144 Gundam Throne Drei can have a look at the completed model from Climax F.

ClimaxF_ThroneDrei_01_s ClimaxF_ThroneDrei_02_s
Two of the most famous scenes for Throne Drei?

ClimaxF_ThroneDrei_03_s ClimaxF_ThroneDrei_04_s
Looks like someone just put a scoop of vanilla ice-cream onto Throne Zwei's head, and it became Throne Drei instead XD

ClimaxF_ThroneDrei_05_s ClimaxF_ThroneDrei_06_s
While its ability to emit enormous amount of GN particles is cool (see Episode 16), I don't feel the same for the model at all ^^; since there's no way the model can simulate that scene.

ClimaxF_ThroneDrei_07_s ClimaxF_ThroneDrei_08_s
Good luck painting the white stripes inside the flipped shield ^^;

ClimaxF_ThroneDrei_09_s ClimaxF_ThroneDrei_10_s
The High Mega Launcher is now complete!

If you're not planning to paint your Throne Drei, have a look at Lifezoids's completed model instead:

Lifezoid_ThroneDrei_02_s Lifezoid_ThroneDrei_03_s
Beam saber 'borrowed' from Virtue ^^;

All images from Lifezoids and Climax F.