Monday, April 28, 2008

MG Sword/Launcher Strike & Others on Sales in Japan

Not exactly the latest news anymore ^^;

Moeyo reported the sales of MG Sword/Launcher Strike, 1/100 Astraea, and BB Senshi Sangokuden The Miracle of Kanto box set in Japan:

Moeyo_Strike_Sales_01_s Moeyo_Strike_Sales_10_s
Moeyo_Strike_Sales_02_s Moeyo_Strike_Sales_03_s
Moeyo_Strike_Sales_04_s Moeyo_Strike_Sales_05_s
Moeyo_Strike_Sales_06_s Moeyo_Strike_Sales_07_s
Moeyo_Strike_Sales_08_s Moeyo_Strike_Sales_09_s
Moeyo_Astraea_Sales_01_s Moeyo_Astraea_Sales_02_s
Moeyo_Astraea_Sales_03_s Moeyo_Astraea_Sales_04_s
Moeyo_Kanto_Sales_01_s Moeyo_Kanto_Sales_02_s

Personally, among the three, my pick is only 1/100 Astraea ^^

All images from Moeyo.