Monday, April 28, 2008

Gundam Paint Price Hike & Others

Still remember the news about Gunpla price hike beginning in May posted some time ago? Well, it seems that not only the model kits are going to be more expensive, the price for hobby supplies, especially paints are going up too.

Mr. Hobby reported the price of their aqueous paint series will be marked up around Mid May. The new price for each bottle of the paint will be 150 Yen (exclusive of tax), up from the old price of 120 Yen.

"The current prices have become unsustainable due to increased crude oil prices and raw material costs"
Image from Mr. Hobby.

Also, it seems that the company is also revising the price for their airbrush set and other equipments as well, :( as reported here.

Bad news for all Gundam fans, and fans of other model series as well, since price hike in paints and other hobby supplies affect all model kits.

On the other hand, some more updates on three upcoming Gunplas from (seemingly) Model Graphix June issue:

MG Shin Musha Gundam

HGUC Sazabi - the containers for his Funnels on the backpack are fully functional! ^^


Magazine scan from Toysdaily.

Still remember the Beam Gatling Gun to be included in Gundam Unicorn reported last year? Many people, especially those outside Japan are still clutching their teeth and fists over this limited item? ^^;

Well, the magazine was released a couple of days ago (26th April) on Hobby Search, and guess what? It's sold out now (28 April, 12.01AM) ^^;

I'm hearing groans and even curses now XD

GundamUC4Unicorn_s SRWHotnews_BeamGatling_Unicorn_s
Gundam UC4 - 1,200 Yen.
Image of the beam gatling on the right is from SRW Hotnews.

srwhotnewsUnicornGatling_01_s srwhotnewsUnicornGatling_02_s
srwhotnewsUnicornGatling_03_s srwhotnewsUnicornGatling_04_s
Extra images from SRW Hotnews as well.

On the other hand, another exciting Gundam book to look out for is Gunpla Package Art Collection from Media Works. See how the box arts of Gunplas evolve from the very vintage hand drawn style to today's CG.

With so many Gunplas released in the past, even the box arts can be released as a book. From Hobby Search, 3,800 Yen.

Let's see if there's any company which decides to compile all the instruction manuals of Gunplas in the future XD