Thursday, April 17, 2008

Non-scale Daizenger Ikkitousen


Folks who have 16,800 Yen to spare at the moment can consider Kotobukiya's non-scale Daizenger Ikkitousen as your next purchase. For Gundam fans who are saving up for MG Force Impulse, Shin Musha, 1/100 Astraea and others (like me), I'm sure this kit will be an item on the wish list for a very long time ^^;

Anyway, buy or no buy, you can visit Blog-like Review Yard to take a look at his completed Daizenger Ikkitousen.

Koto_Ikkitousen_Review_02_s Koto_Ikkitousen_Review_03_s
Koto_Ikkitousen_Review_04_s Koto_Ikkitousen_Review_05_s
Koto_Ikkitousen_Review_06_s Koto_Ikkitousen_Review_07_s
Koto_Ikkitousen_Review_08_s Koto_Ikkitousen_Review_09_s
Koto_Ikkitousen_Review_10_s Koto_Ikkitousen_Review_11_s
Koto_Ikkitousen_Review_12_s Koto_Ikkitousen_Review_13_s
Awesome stuff is very, very awesome indeed O_O

All images from Blog-like Review Yard.