Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Metal Linebarrel Trailer & Plamo

As reported some time ago, Metal Linebarrels (or Linebarrels of Iron - "Kurogane no Linebarrels") is the sci-fi anime coming out this Fall. Its first trailer has been released:

Video clip from Youtube. Follow this link to Youtube if you can't see anything.

MetalLTrailer01 MetalLTrailer02
MetalLTrailer03 MetalLTrailer04
MetalLTrailer05 MetalLTrailer06
MetalLTrailer07 MetalLTrailer08
MetalLTrailer09 MetalLTrailer10
MetalLTrailer11 MetalLTrailer12
MetalLTrailer13 MetalLTrailer14
MetalLTrailer15 MetalLTrailer16
MetalLTrailer17 MetalLTrailer18
MetalLTrailer19 MetalLTrailer20
MetalLTrailer21 MetalLTrailer22
MetalLTrailer23 MetalLTrailer24

So far, nothing really special about the anime has been revealed. The mecha seems like the fusion of Evangelion and Demonbane to me. ^^; Huge pistols, huge sword, naginata, katana are all coolsome weapons used in many other sci-fi anime anyway. The fight scenes, which are CG work, are nothing new too.

Also, notice that plenty of cute girls are in the trailer too ^^

Seems like the stake is really high for Metal Linebarrels. Not sure if its story can deliver, amidst all the mecha and animation design which are a bit hard to breakthrough. This trailer showed typical elements you can find in other related anime series. Is the production team (consisting of top names in mecha anime genre like Masamitsu Hidaka, Hisashi Hirai and others) aiming for something "typical but commercial" only?

Lets hope not ^^

See also: updated information about this series on Anime News Network. The official site is also up.

On the other hand, the model kits for the two mecha you see in the trailer are also being scheduled to be released by Kotobukiya. The release date is October and November, still is still a long way to go from on. ^^; Anyway, that gives you a bit of idea when this anime will be aired too.

1/144 Linebarrel - the height of the completed model is 15cm. That would mean the mecha setting of Linebarrel is quite close to Gundam too. And... look at those legs ^^ Available in October

1/144 Aruma Idaten - the grunt unit. Available in November.
Images from the Product section of the official site.