Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 11

Rolling Stone: Door of Dreams

While Code Geass Season Two is not on my to-watch list, I'm not missing Kamen Rider Kiva though ^^

After the death of Omura the Frog Fangire last week, the storyline was reset in Episode 11. We get a new Fangire, while Megumi and Shizuka are back. ^^ Surprisingly, the very lucky Spider Fangire from Episode 1 and 6 are back as well. However, this time he faced both Ixa and Kiva. As you can probably predict, Patrick the Spider Fangire escapes again, as the fight shifts to Ixa versus Kiva instead.

Speaking of the Kamen Rider fight, Ixa has the upper hand this week, but the fight is far from over. As seen from the preview, the battle will shift to bike-chase on the road next week.

On the other hand, some very important events occurred in 1986. We get to know the reason behind Yuri's determination in wiping out the Fangires, but more importantly, the Rider system mentioned a few times before by Shima is completed, and is used for the first time, not by Yuri, but Jiro. Despite some sort of malfunction of the system, Ixa still managed to defeat the Earwig Fangire.

Then again, Yuri doesn't look too pleased that she is not chosen to be Ixa instead.

Other interesting points:
- promotion for Go-onger ^^
- Yuri's grave ?!
- Guitarist Wataru
- Drummer Shizuka
- Kivat Bat's snoring
- a drunk Megumi
- Ixalion

kiva11_01 kiva11_02
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Preview for Episode 12: First Live: Golden Speed
- Jiro and Keisuke in trouble
- Kiva's bike upgrade
- double Rider Kick

kiva11_33 kiva11_34
kiva11_35 kiva11_36
kiva11_37 kiva11_38

You can watch the unsubbed episode on Veoh.