Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gundam Expo in Nagoya - Photo Report


The annual Gundam Expo is currently underway in Nagoya Parco's Parco Gallery till 11th May. Gundam fans who can't visit Japan right now (like me T___T) can have a look at the many photos taken by Lifezoids from the event.

Lifezoids_GExpo_02_s Lifezoids_GExpo_03_s
Even Bandai's factory in Shizuoka and its many molding machines were being made into models. ^^

Lifezoids_GExpo_04_s Lifezoids_GExpo_05_s
The first Gundam and HG kit. If you have these two , make sure you set up some sort of altar to worship them. They are probably older than you ^^
OK, just kidding XD

Lifezoids_GExpo_06_s Lifezoids_GExpo_07_s
Some of the earliest Gunplas, some dated all the way back to the early 80s (1/60 Gundam and Char's Zaku II on the left) and mid-80s (the Zeta series on the right).

Lifezoids_GExpo_08_s Lifezoids_GExpo_09_s
I have that HG 1/144 Stamen and two from the HG 1/100 G Gundam series models: Master Gundam and Rising Gundam.

Lifezoids_GExpo_10_s Lifezoids_GExpo_11_s
Among these are the Gunplas available in Kuching when I started getting into this interest: HG 1/100 and 1/144 Wing series, The 08th MS Team series, some of the earliest MGs, and not shown here, HG 1/100 and 1/144 X Gundam and Turn A series.

Lifezoids_GExpo_12_s Lifezoids_GExpo_13_s
Quantum leap: ^^ moving on to the most recent Gunpla series from Gundam Double O.

FG Gundam O (again XD)

Lifezoids_GExpo_15_s Lifezoids_GExpo_16_s
The event-limited Gunplas reported some time ago.

Lifezoids_GExpo_17_s Lifezoids_GExpo_18_s
Lifezoids_GExpo_19_s Lifezoids_GExpo_20_s
Feel like swimming in all these boxes of Gunplas XD~

All images from Lifezoids.