Saturday, April 05, 2008

MS Girls Strike Again

As you can see from the title, this isn't the first time girls clad in armor parodying the regular mecha designs we see elsewhere appearing on my blog. ^^ As a matter of fact, this is the 5th MS Girl posting already ^^

Archangel and Minerva 'gattai'! XD

Sänger Zonvolt's Daizengar is being hijacked by a little girl! XD

The extremely hot-blooded Mazinger Z is even more hot-blooded in this MS Girl design.

The GP series, with GP01 given a new deadly armament.

Zeong's helmet becomes the girl's hairstyle while the horns become her earrings!
How creative ^^

Like Deep Striker, Hummingbird also looks extremely heavy ^^;

This Ex-S Gundam girl is the 1st Runners-up in Bandai's Asia Cup Model Competition 2003. Even the decal on the propellant tanks has the MS Girl insignia.

GoufCustom3_s GundamGirlModel_s
Gouf Custom Girl and Gundam Girl. Gouf Custome Girl seems to be modified from the Zeonography release, while the Gundam Girl is from Gundam Ultimate Operation.

RealGirlGouf_s RealGirlZGok_s
The power of Photoshop! ^^
After Rick Dom Girl, the same girl is given two more Zeon optional parts upgrades. XD Remember not to anger the girl if you're asking her for a date ^^;

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