Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Not Blue

According to Wikipedia, there's actually an explanation to why people feel "blue" on Monday. As a matter of fact, it's said that the most depressing day in a year is on the Monday of the last full week of January (luckily we passed that day already).

Well, believe it or not is really up to you, but folks who are having their birthdays on that particular Monday must be furious to have their most important day in the year pinpointed as the most depressing day of the year. XD

Instead of ONE particular Monday, many of my friends are complaining about ALL Mondays (except the ones when they are on holidays of course XD). Weekend mood still hanging? Most probably so. I believe it all depends on how you manage your daily chores and how to adjust your attitude in facing each day really.

Anyway, some nifty stuff to cheer your Monday up a bit:

Apple Shooter by Wolf Games – Aim the apple by moving your mouse, and draw the bow by holding down the left mouse button. If you can shoot the apple on your buddy’s head, you can move on to another level; if you miss, well, get ready for some mild gore ^^;

My highest score was until Level 12 only.

Oops! ^^; Image mosaic-ed for obvious reason

Speed Painting - "Ray Charles" - Trust me, I have no idea what he was trying to paint until the very end of the clip. Amazing, and highly inspirational too.

Simply awesome!
If you can't see anything, follow this link to Metacafe.

Mind Blowing Magic & the Most Dangerous Comic - Two of the contestants in America's Got Talent.

Figured how he did it yet? ^^
If you can't see anything, follow this link to Metacafe.

Not exciting enough for you? Watch this next contestant instead (not advisable for those who are afraid of scorpion ^^;

The scorpion looks way more dangerous than his main trick for me ^^;
If you can't see anything, follow this link to Metacafe.

Super funny Korean drummer - Watch the drummer behind the singer, and get ready to laugh your head off. XD

He sure enjoyed the song. ^^
If you can't see anything, follow this link to Youtube.

Funny Chinese Food Menu - Seriously, direct translation is always going to generate plenty of jokes XD (Thanks Colin for the pictures)

Eat more salad sand is good for your health ^^

While you're eating the curry chicken, it will pick the rice. That's quite a fair deal I suppose ^^;

Apart from the funny translation, it's going to take some time for you to spell out the entire order to the waiter XD

I didn't know food can be vulgar as well XD

It's Columbia - they got the name of the country wrong in Chinese too XD

(Chocolate, Ovaltine, and Horlick) Considering that the names of these drinks were translated into Chinese in the first place; these ones would be reversed translation instead XD
(Oh boy how I miss Ovaltine!)