Wednesday, April 09, 2008

HG 1/144 Alvaaron in July EDITED

EDITED: Thanks to Anon in the comment section for the marvelous translation ^^


HG 1/144 kit of Alvaaron, the ultimate MS in Gundam Double O coming in July at 1,890 Yen.


Not sure what the Japanese text means but I'm not going to speculate that this is a gold plated model before getting some definite confirmation first.

"A.D.'s Strongest MS has arrived in [the] HG00 [series] ALVATORE

The proportions have been arranged in order to recreate the on-screen image. Under-gate treatment has been applied to the gold plated parts and parts are coloured as in the tv series. The special characteristics of this MS, its wings, can move and fold as in per the design and can retract into the form as when it is housed within the MA Alvatore. Clear parts are used for the camera eye, and the twin eye is recreated in the head parts. GN beam rifle x 2 and two types of beam sabers included"