Saturday, April 05, 2008

MG Gelgoog and Others

Some tiny-biny updates on three upcoming models this month:

MG Gelgoog Mass Productive Type Ver. 2.0, 4,725 Yen

1/100 Astraea, 2,940 Yen

BB Senshi Sangokuden The Battle of Guandu Set, 1,260 Yen

Next up are the two transformable MSs from Gundam Double O with clearer and bigger images.

HG 1/144 Ali Al Sanchez's Customized Enact Custom - I totally love the head design ^^ Although I prefer the original version (the one in blue), this red version will do nonetheless.

Image from Toysdaily.

1/100 Overflag - If you don't know this already, this kit comes with three 1/100 figures - the first non-MG kit with 1/100 figures included! ^^ Also, the special clear sticker of Team Overflag's insignia is also included.

I hope Graham's Flag will come out one day, with both rifles included, but I doubt that myself ^^;

Image from Toysdaily.

Also, after more than a year, Cosmo Fleet Collection is making a come back with Series 02, featuring non-scale Pegasus Albion (with GP01Fb), Birmingham (with GP02A), Magellan (with Ball RX-79), Zanzibar (with Gelgoog) and Chivvay (with Rick-Dom). Each set is priced at 630 Yen. If you're thinking of getting all five of them, the price should be 2,900 Yen (referencing the price of Series 01). It will be available by late June.

Image from Toysdaily.

Still on Gundam Gashapon, Haro Universal Century Pilot Collection will be released in mid-July, featuring six of the most famous characters from the UC era. According to the text from the picture, the selection is actually based on a vote conducted by three Gundam magazines recently. So, these are fans' picks then ^^

Each of these figures is 630 Yen. Not sure about their scale though ^^;

1st place: Amuro Ray, 2nd: Elpeo Ple, 3rd: Aina Shaharin, 4th: Ramba Ral, 5th: Gato and a mysterious character.
Images from Toysdaily.