Thursday, May 15, 2008

Iron Man 2008


Just watched Iron Man recently, and...

Wow! That's really one awesome movie. ^^ It's like watching X-Men and Transformers in a single movie, since the hero, Tony Stark possesses super-human strength and abilities when he is in the mechanical suit he created, and when Iron Man takes over, all the effects look like they work well for Transformers too.


For your information, unlike Spiderman and X-Men, Ironman 2008 is Marvel's self-funded movie. With the huge success from this year's Iron Man, a sequel has already been planned. According to Yahoo! News, Iron Man 2 will hit cinemas in June 2010.

ironman_03_s ironman_04_s

Instead of marveling at how swift the planning is for these movie companies to capitalize on the business opportunities of these comic book turned movie heroes, I believe many fans are screaming for the sequel to come out sooner ^^;

For that, don't worry at all, folks. Another Marvel hero is going to get his silver screen realization soon. Thor is scheduled to be released next year.

ThorCorps442_s captainAmerica_s
Superheroes I'm not familiar to ^^;
Images from Marvel Comic.

And according to the same report, after Iron Man 2, Captain America and The Avengers are being planned to be released in 2011.

The Avengers look like the square dance of all Marvel characters ^^
Images from Marvel Comic.

Plus, don't forget The Incredible Hulk too. June 13th is the release date for the beast in the U.S.

By the way, as noted by Marvin, it seems that we might get to see Tony Stark and Iron Man in The Incredible Hulk. I checked on Robert Downey Jr.'s IMDB page, and found that he's credited for that movie as the character from Iron Man. How much will his role be in this upcoming movie is unknown at the moment, but hey, this isn't the first time two characters from different franchises being blended in a Hollywood Summer movie anymore.

Movie poster from Movie Web.

The trailer for The Incredible Hulk, if you have watched it yet.
Video clip from Youtube. Follow this link to Youtube if you can't see anything.

Plenty of superheroes to look forward to ^^

On the other hand, Sideshow Collectibles, the famous manufacturer of high end figures and collectibles based on movies and films have come up with an array of products for Iron Man fas:

ironman_lifesizebust_01_s ironman_lifesizebust_02_s
ironman_lifesizebust_03_s ironman_lifesizebust_04_s
ironman_lifesizebust_05_s ironman_lifesizebust_06_s
Iron Man Life-Size Bust - US $699.99
Not exactly made from Iron, but fiberglass instead. Even so, this life-size bust weights over 13kgs, so folks who are interested be sure to check for the shipping estimates on the website. Comes with LED for that awesome movie-like glowing eyes effects ^^

ironman_mk1_helmet_01_s ironman_mk1_helmet_02_s
1/1 scale Iron Man Mark 1 Helmet (Limited Edition: 500) - US $374.99

1/1 scale Iron Man Mark 2 Helmet (Limited Edition: 250) - US $424.99

ironman_mk3_helmet_01_s ironman_mk3_helmet_02_s
1/1 scale Iron Man Mark 3 Helmet (Limited Edition: 1500) - US $424.99

ironmonger_helmet_01_s ironmonger_helmet_02_s
1/1 scale Iron Monger Helmet (Limited Edition: 250) - US $399.99

Images and information above are from Sideshow Collectibles.

Of course there are many other Iron Man products listed by the company on their website. These are the most significant ones for me. You don't have to be as rich as Tony Stark to own all of them, but it's going to be a huge load of money you need if you're planning to do so ^^