Thursday, May 01, 2008

Transformers Crossovers & Others

Remember the four Transformers/Spiderman/Ironman and other crossovers mentioned the other day? ^^; Toysdaily reported that Takara will be releasing these figures in August at 3,500 Yen each.

I suspect sooner or later G.I.Joe characters will get their share of the crossovers too ^^;
Images from Toysdaily.

Also, remember Blitzwing? He's one of the Decepticons from Transformers Animated, which was mentioned briefly on my blog quite some time ago. The details for the toy figure of Blitzwing has yet to be announced, but one Blitzwing is currently up on ebay, and the bidding starts at US$300! It's likely that Blitzwing will get a Voyager Class release (first), and the usual price for that should be about US$20 (Check Optimus Prime, Starscream, Megatron and others).

Whoever going to place the bid for this fella better know what he is doing ^^;

Three mode transformation (robot-tank-fighter jet) and three faces as well. Pretty cool ^^
Image from ebay.

TFAnimatedBlitzWing01_s TFAnimatedBlitzWing02_s
With the caterpillar of the tank beneath it, the fighter jet looks somewhat deformed ^^;
Images from

On the other hand, some fans in America decided to release their own Transformers figure too! ^^

Well, not exactly a brand new figure, but upgrade parts for Transformers Classic Ultra Magnus. The parts will be Ultra Magnus's trailer in vehicle mode, called "City Commander". Ultra Magnus can then transform together with the trailer armor, and its appearance will greatly differ from its original form

UltraMagnusNew_02_s UltraMagnusNew_03_s
Images from TFW2005.

Unfortunately, according to the site announcement, this upgrade kit will receive very limited production, and will be offered mainly to North American fans at the moment. Ultra Magnus's fans outside America might be really dissapointed about this.