Monday, May 26, 2008

More MG Shin Musha Gundam

More images of the upcoming MG Shin Musha Gundam from The Gundam Base Side One, but obtained by the fine folks at Toysdaily.

MG_Shin_Musha_GBS1_Toysdaily_01_s MG_Shin_Musha_GBS1_Toysdaily_02_s
MG_Shin_Musha_GBS1_Toysdaily_03_s MG_Shin_Musha_GBS1_Toysdaily_04_s MG_Shin_Musha_GBS1_Toysdaily_07_s
MG_Shin_Musha_GBS1_Toysdaily_08_s MG_Shin_Musha_GBS1_Toysdaily_09_s
Awesome action poses despite the heavy armors.

MG_Shin_Musha_GBS1_Toysdaily_05_s MG_Shin_Musha_GBS1_Toysdaily_06_s
The trident and lance can 'gattai'?

All the weapons for Shin Musha Gundam
Images from Toysdaily.

Also from the Musha world, but of a different series and size ^^ is BB Senshi Sangokuden Kanpei Gundam.

BB_Sango_Kanpei_GBS1_01_s BB_Sango_Kanpei_GBS1_02_s
BB_Sango_Kanpei_GBS1_03_s BB_Sango_Kanpei_GBS1_05_s
BB_Sango_Kanpei_GBS1_04_s BB_Sango_Kanpei_GBS1_06_s
BB_Sango_Kanpei_GBS1_07_s BB_Sango_Kanpei_GBS1_08_s
Images also from Toysdaily.