Monday, May 12, 2008

Bandai Hobby Center Open Day EDITED

EDITED: Thanks to Marvin for the reminder, I added in more information and the link to Bandai Hobby Center Open Day's web page.

The annual Shizuoka Hobby Show will be on from the 13th till 18th of May, which is next week! ^^ Folks who are interested in MG Force Impulse Gundam (like me) must be highly anticipating the photo report from the event, before it'll be available on the 24th of this month.

During that time, Bandai Hobby Center will be having its Open Day as well, and admission is free! ^^ The Open Day will be on the 17th and 18th of May, which are the last two days of Shizuoka Hobby Show. So folks who get to go to Shizuoka Hobby Show has another place to visit for extra Gundams to see, for no extra charge some more.


So envious of the Gundam fans in Japanese ^^;

Then again, Bandai Hobby Center isn't all about Gundam, mind you. There are six special features listed on Bandai's website. Two related to Gundam are listed here:

Bandai Hobby Center's Customized Gunplas, called "ecopla" - HGUC models made from recycled materials.
I definitely love to have them myself ^^

Special T Shirts and work apron are going to be on sale too.

Special Talk Show by Gundam Double O's voice actors Hiroyuki Yoshino (Allelujah) and Hiroshi Kamiya (Tieria).

Gunpla tutorial, held outdoor? Since it says here that the class will be halted when it rained XD

Images above are from Bandai Hobby Center Open Day's web page.

Speaking of MG Force Impulse Gundam, according to Gunota Headlines, another "Phase-Impulse" SEED Destiny video clip will be available online on July 9th, and folks will have to pay 420 Yen to download it.

Screen shots from the video? Watch out for its preview next week (15th May).
Images from Gundam.Info.

Not to be confused with the video clip reported initially for those who buy the MG kit, the new one reported will feature T.M. Revolution's "ignited" and include a compilation of scenes from the anime.