Wednesday, May 21, 2008

HMM Saber Tiger & New Blade Liger

After about three months, the next HMM 1/72 Zoids model, Saber Tiger will be coming in next month ^^

Actually it's six months if you discard Shield Liger Mk. II as a mere 'variation' and count Geno Saurer as the previous 'really' new HMM kit).

HMM_SaberTiger_01_s HMM_SaberTiger_02_s
HMM_SaberTiger_03_s HMM_SaberTiger_04_s
HMM_SaberTiger_05_s HMM_SaberTiger_06_s
HMM_SaberTiger_07_s HMM_SaberTiger_08_s
Crouching tiger XD
Images from Kotobukiya.

Being a new kit, this Saber Tiger looks really awesome, and much more 'beast'-like as compared to the Ligers. Plenty of more natural-looking action poses. Also, in my opinion, since the cockpit hatch on its head isn't a clear part, plus the extra long canine teeth really make this a much more fearsome Zoids model.

Not to mention it comes in red too ^^

5,800 Yen (without tax)... Do I still have any budget for this HMM? ... Decision... decision...

On the other hand, a new HMM variation which I'll definitely not be spending on:

HMM_BladeLigerAB_03_s HMM_BladeLigerAB_02_s
HMM_BladeLigerAB_04_s HMM_BladeLigerAB_05_s
RZ-028 Blade Liger AB(Attack Booster) Leon Specifications - with new backpack and paint scheme. Limited release in September, 6,800 Yen (without tax).
Images from Amiami.

Also listed on Hobby Search.

Seemingly a mere change of its backpack, but the price is 2,000 Yen more expensive than the first Shield Liger.

Hmm... ^^;