Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 18

Quartet: Listen to Your Heart's Voice

kiva18_01 kiva18_02
Kiva's being beaten up really badly by Ixa. Wataru escapes the scene and vows not to fight anymore!

kiva18_03 kiva18_04
Back in 1986, despite Jiro's advantage and his confident in the game of pool since last week, Otoya pulls up a miracle (as predicted XD) and wins the game with a broken stick!

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Back to present day, Mami is under the Seastar Fangire's threat. Megumi came to help but is helpless in protecting her friend. Where is Wataru/Kiva?

kiva18_07 kiva18_08
He didn't break his father's violin, but Wataru agonizes over the decision to quit fighting. Kivat Bat seems to be still down with his illness too.

kiva18_09 kiva18_10
With Kiva out of sight, it's up to our anti-hero Keisuke/Ixa to save the day (for that moment). But he's not after the Fangire, but the 'trophy' from its human form instead.

kiva18_13 kiva18_14
kiva18_19 kiva18_20
Keisuke even assaults the polices in order to get his hands on Sakichi Sakaguchi, and when he gets his bloody button, he lets the Fangire loose!
He is clearly out of his mind!

kiva18_11 kiva18_12
Back in 1986, Otoya is unable to continue the game with Jiro, as Yuri demands him to focus on persuading Mami for her audition.

kiva18_15 kiva18_16
Mami performs for her audition, but her great teacher Otoya is... ...falling asleep -_-

kiva18_17 kiva18_18
"That's the final lesson for you, to 'listen to your heart's voice'."

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kiva18_23 kiva18_24
Mami is under attack during her archery practice again, but this time, a much determined Wataru, after hearing his father's advise from Mami comes to the rescue.
And when one is not enough, it's time to call for a family gathering!

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kiva18_27 kiva18_28
kiva18_29 kiva18_30
"Garulu Saber! Basshaa Magnum! Dogga Hammer!" Kivat Bat cried for all three Arms Monsters one by one, and they give Kiva his Dogabaki form.

kiva18_31 kiva18_32
kiva18_33 kiva18_34
A revision of all his forms, Kiva uses all weapons to destroy the Seastar Fangire.

kiva18_35 kiva18_36
A happy ending ^^ Thanks to Wataru/Kiva, and his father's advise.

Preview for next week's episode, Fusion: Aura Storm
- In 1986, the Ixa System switches hands again. Is Yuri going to get her first 'Henshin'?
- Kengo and Rook the Lion Fangire are back.
- Wataru in maid restaurant?! O_O
- Kiva's Basshaa form

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