Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Ultimate Exia Makeover

One of the Gunpla work displayed in last month's Dengeki Hobby was an Exia in black-gray-white paint scheme modified with its inner frame shown. I used to think that it was the 1/60 scale version, but apparently, it was the smaller 1/100 scale instead.

Spotted on WGundam.

Dengeki_June_Exia_Mod_01_s Dengeki_June_Exia_Mod_03_s Dengeki_June_Exia_Mod_02_s
Dengeki_June_Exia_Mod_04_s Dengeki_June_Exia_Mod_05_s
Mr. Einosuke, you're AWESOME!! ^^

Anyone want to try this out as well?