Wednesday, May 14, 2008

1/100 Overflag

The first photo review of the highly anticipated 1/100 Overflag by Gamu-toys.

Gamu_1-100_Overflag_01_s Gamu_1-100_Overflag_02_s
Withot looking into the details, it's hard to tell the difference between this 1/100 Overflag and its earlier 1/144 scale version.

Gamu_1-100_Overflag_03_s Gamu_1-100_Overflag_04_s
Look at the details inside its air vents on the shoulders O_O

Gamu_1-100_Overflag_05_s Gamu_1-100_Overflag_06_s
Gamu_1-100_Overflag_07_s Gamu_1-100_Overflag_08_s
The elbow and knee articulation seem a bit poor?

Gamu_1-100_Overflag_09_s Gamu_1-100_Overflag_12_s
Gamu_1-100_Overflag_11_s Gamu_1-100_Overflag_10_s
The compartment for the Plasma Sword in the forearms and missiles in the legs sure are lovely.

Gamu_1-100_Overflag_16_s Gamu_1-100_Overflag_17_s
Plenty of weapons and equipments for Overflag, but you'll need to paint the whole Plasma Swords since they come as entirely clear parts.

Plenty of credits to Gamu-toys for painting the three 1/100 figures in such details ^^

The spread palm sure helps to provide better action poses.

Giant mosquito XD

All images from Gamu-toys.