Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 17

Lesson: My Way

I watched this episode a few days ago, but the priority went to news of MG Force Impulse's release instead, ^^; that's why I'm a bit late for this episode's review.

While the story back in 1986 is pretty much being reseted after the unfinished fight with Rook the Lion Fangire last week, Wataru in present days is still having a hard time adjusting from the bitter defeat and injury at the hands of Dai-chan last week. As a matter of fact, the episode started with the three Arms Monsters tending to Wataru in Castle Dran. Ramon and Riki are pondering on whether they should let him live, but Jiro mentions about the promise to Otoya, Wataru's father. We didn't get to know more about the particulars of that promise, as Wataru wakes with a start, but in his home instead.

kiva17_01 kiva17_02

Then the mood of the episode just goes upside down XD

kiva17_03 kiva17_04
kiva17_11 kiva17_12

In 1986, Otoya is persuaded by Yuri to take a little girl named Mami Kurasawa as his violin student. Otoya becomes a victim of the many traps set up by Mami in her room. Anyway, Otoya manages to get her to start her training. The two of them end up in the cafe where all the cast members in this series used to hang out, where they meet Jiro. As expected, the topic shifts to who should have the rightful ownership of the IXA system, and they decide to settle the dispute with...

...a game of pool o_O

kiva17_13 kiva17_14

Jiro is having the upper hand in the game as I see it, but Otoya with his pack of tricks will surely come up with some miracle to get the win from Jiro. XD Their 'war' will continue next week.

Also, there's no Fangire appearance in 1986 in this episode.

Back to 2008, Wataru is out of spirit after his defeat last week, while Kivat Bat seems to be still unwell. Wataru goes for a walk by the lakeside, where he encounters a girl practicing archery. The girl happens to be the grown up Mami Kurasawa, and she tried desperately to teach his archery. They meet Megumi at the gym, and Wataru gets stuck in between the feud of the ladies.

kiva17_05 kiva17_06
kiva17_09 kiva17_10

In the mean time, Keisuke is pursuing a robber named Sakichi Sakaguchi, who happens to be the Seastar Fangire. Eventually, the Fangire meets Kiva. Unlike the Lion Fangire, Kiva is able to handle his enemy this week quite well. That's until Ixa arrives. As Kiva summons Garulu Saber, Ixa uses his own fake Garulu Fuestle to intercept the weapon, and uses it on Kiva mercilessly.

kiva17_15 kiva17_16
kiva17_17 kiva17_18
kiva17_19 kiva17_20
kiva17_21 kiva17_22
kiva17_23 kiva17_24

To be continued next week.

There's a significant swing of mood in this episode. Plenty of funny moments with Otoya, and even the usually very serious Jiro. As a matter of fact, if you take out Keisuke's appearance, then this episode would most likely be one of the funniest episodes so far.

Speaking of Keisuke, I'm beginning to really hate Ixa. I don't see the exact purpose of having him as the second Kamen Rider in the series other than to cause troubles to Kiva. For example, in this episode, while the robber/Seastar Fangire is right in front of him, Ixa's priority is still fixed on Kiva instead.

And seeing how he manages to cheat Garulu Saber from Kiva just makes my blood boils -_-

Anyway, this is still an enjoyable episode. Watch it for Otoya and Jiro's humor XD

Preview for next week's episode, Quartet: Listen to my Heart's Voice.

kiva17_25 kiva17_27
kiva17_26 kiva17_28
- Wataru breaks the Bloody Rose?
- Mami's first audition
- Family picnic for the Arms Monsters XD
- Sooner than I thought: debut of Kiva's Dogabaki form

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