Saturday, May 10, 2008

1/100 Overflag & HG 1/144 Tieren Space Commander Type EDITED

EDITED:Added new images of MG Shin Musha Gundam.

New juicy images of MG Shin Musha Gundam ^^

Toysdaily_MG_Musha_New_01_s Toysdaily_MG_Musha_New_02_s
Toysdaily_MG_Musha_New_03_s Toysdaily_MG_Musha_New_04_s
I want it now!!! ^^
Images from Toysdaily.

The construction manual and content of 1/100 Overflag and HG 1/144 Tieren Space Commander Type are now available on Hobby Search.

Being the first non-Gundam 1/100 Gunpla from Gundam Double O, and being a unit used by Graham Aker, I have quite high hopes for 1/100 Overflag. But after looking at the content, I honestly can't say that I'm too pleased with what Bandai is offering for this kit ^^;

The leg missile is an armament not included in the 1/144 scale version.

HobbySearch_1-100_Overflag_02_s HobbySearch_1-100_Overflag_03_s
Unlike what was speculated, Graham Aker is the only Overflag team member included among the three 1/100 figures in this kit. The other two are supporting crew.

From the pat list, there's no way to speculate whether Graham's specialized rifle for his first Overflag, or GN Flag will be released as well in the future.

The Plasma Swords are molded entirely in clear part!

Stickers for the white stripes of its collar.

The wrist joint is the same as the 1/144 scale version!
Err, isn't the joint going to be extra visible when it's in 1/100 scale, Bandai?

Stickers for all the white parts on the weapons, but most disappointingly, there's only one part included for the stripe on the rifle. So, between the white (normal unit) and blue sticker (Graham's unit), you can only choose one :(
Since the difference between the two unit is just the color of the stripe, wouldn't it be easier for everyone if Bandai just throw in an extra part so that the users can swap the entire stripe instead of the stickers?

Part swapping for the landing gears on its knees and the wings in 'Open' mode.

Don't get me wrong, there are many awesome features on this Overflag, especially the level of mecha details, for a non-MG kit, but I truly believe Bandai can do better.

Another Gundam Double O Gunpla is HG 1/144 Tieren Space Commander Type.

HobbySearch_HG_Tieren_Commander_01_s HobbySearch_HG_Tieren_Commander_02_s
It's Tieren Space Type with new head design, shoulder shield and spikes for the heel.

Sergei Teddy Bear XD

The shoulder shield is a lot simpler than Tieren Taozi. Plenty of stickers to be used too.

The extension of new parts for this kit. The others are inherited from Tieren Space Type.