Friday, May 16, 2008

Shizuoka Hobby Show 2008 Part 3

Awesome photos just keep on rolling from the 47th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2008:

Shizuoka_GAGraphic_MGGundam2_01_s Shizuoka_GAGraphic_MGGundam2_02_s
MG Gundam Ver. 2.0 - Definitely the spotlight of the Gunpla booth this year, it looks deceptively simple outside...

Shizuoka_GAGraphic_MGGundam2_06_s Shizuoka_GAGraphic_MGGundam2_07_s Shizuoka_GAGraphic_MGGundam2_11_s
...but talk about the details of its inner frame. Wuhhuh~ O_O

Shizuoka_GAGraphic_MGGundam2_03_s Shizuoka_GAGraphic_MGGundam2_04_s Shizuoka_GAGraphic_MGGundam2_05_s
The best Core Fighter so far? We'll have to wait till we get to see more of MG Force Impulse's Core Splendor before concluding on that ^^

Shizuoka_GAGraphic_MGGundam2_08_s Shizuoka_GAGraphic_MGGundam2_12_s
There's some gimmick with the V sign in its waist, but it seems that the door for the cockpit hatch can now be opened to access the cockpit inside?
And a new Amuro Ray figure too ^^

Shizuoka_GAGraphic_MGGundam2_09_s Shizuoka_GAGraphic_MGGundam2_10_s
More parts for the head unit, and nifty molding too, even the splits on the mask do not need panel-lining anymore ^^

Shizuoka_GAGraphic_MGShinMusha_01_s Shizuoka_GAGraphic_MGShinMusha_05_s
Shizuoka_GAGraphic_MGShinMusha_02_s Shizuoka_GAGraphic_MGShinMusha_06_s
Shizuoka_GAGraphic_MGShinMusha_03_s Shizuoka_GAGraphic_MGShinMusha_04_s
MG Shin Musha Gundam - Only the inner frame is from Gundam Ver. OYW, the rest all new parts. As a matter of fact, it's Gundam Ver. Ka using the frame mounted with all those Samurai armors ^^

Shizuoka_GAGraphic_Sazabi_01_s Shizuoka_GAGraphic_Sazabi_02_s
Shizuoka_GAGraphic_Sazabi_03_s Shizuoka_GAGraphic_Sazabi_04_s
Shizuoka_GAGraphic_Sazabi_05_s Shizuoka_GAGraphic_Sazabi_06_s
Shizuoka_GAGraphic_Sazabi_07_s Shizuoka_GAGraphic_Sazabi_08_s
HGUC Sazabi - from the look of it, not all the yellow parts for the thrusters all over this HGUC kit are given.
Time to get a yellow Gundam Marker if you're not planning to airbrush him ^^

Shizuoka_GAGraphic_ZakuIIFZ_02_s Shizuoka_GAGraphic_ZakuIIFZ_03_s
Shizuoka_GAGraphic_ZakuIIFZ_04_s Shizuoka_GAGraphic_ZakuIIFZ_05_s
Shizuoka_GAGraphic_ZakuIIFZ_06_s Shizuoka_GAGraphic_ZakuIIFZ_07_s
HGUC Zaku II FZ - With all those heavyweight Char's Counterattack HGUCs before him, this Zaku II FZ looks as if he's from another series (maybe it's just me) ^^;
The pelvis joint isn't new anymore, but it sure works well for a smaller Gunpla too.

Shizuoka_GAGraphic_Kampfer_01_s Shizuoka_GAGraphic_Kampfer_02_s
Shizuoka_GAGraphic_Kampfer_03_s Shizuoka_GAGraphic_Kampfer_04_s
HGUC Kampfer - Except for the new mount clip for the bazookas, I haven't spot any major difference with its MG predecessor.

Shizuoka_GAGraphic_GFFMkIII_01_s Shizuoka_GAGraphic_GFFMkIII_02_s
Shizuoka_GAGraphic_GFFMkIII_03_s Shizuoka_GAGraphic_GFFMkIII_04_s
GFF Gundam Mk. III
Images above are from GA Graphic.

GunplaSecretBase_Koto_01_s GunplaSecretBase_Koto_06_s
SRW Twin Bird Strike Set and Non-scale Aussenseiter with his good friend, Dyzengar.

GunplaSecretBase_Koto_03_s GunplaSecretBase_Koto_04_s GunplaSecretBase_Koto_05_s
Armored Core Crest CR-C98E2 (Noir Ver.), Crest CR-C90U3 Dual Interfaces (Nexus Ver.), and Mirage Cronus CRONUS-YC07 (Gunn Meta Ver.). Don't know who is who ^^;
Refer to this previous posting for more information regarding their release date and prices.

Tengen Kadou Gulaparl - More information in this previous posting.

HMM 1/72 Command Wolf Type AC and Molga are on display as well.
Images of Kotobukiya's products are from Gunpla Secret Factory.

Shizuoka_LancelotAirCavalry_s Shizuoka_Offshoot_Burai_Zero_s
Lancelot Air Cavalry (again?) and Offshoot Zero (Lelouch Lamperouge)'s Customized Burai.

Shizuoka_Offshoot_Gawain_s Shizuoka_Offshoot_Sutherland_s
Offshoot Gawain and Sutherland with Float System
Images of Code Geass's products are from Toysdaily.