Monday, May 19, 2008

Gundam Heroine History SP

Most of the Gundam merchandises we seen recently are emphasizing on the mecha, or when we do get figurines, they are in costumes as seen from the anime.

Here's a set of gashapon that will be "classier" (in my opinion) as compared to those merchandises:

Gundam Heroine History SP. Image from Toysdaily.

Four female characters from various Gundam anime series in dress, featuring Lacus Cylne, Cagalli, Kihel Heim (from Turn A), and Relena Peacecraft. ^^ Lacus's dress design seems extremely complex. ^^ Each figure is about 120mm tall.

There will be six in a set, although there are just four characters. Two of them will have different painting I assume. Also, for your information, this is not the first set in its series actually. The first Gundam Heroine History set features five female characters from Gundam Double O, to be released in Late June.

This beautiful set will be available by late August at 5,040 Yen (with tax), according to Bigbe.