Sunday, May 25, 2008

MG Force Impulse Gundam

A completed MG Force Impulse Gundam (so fast!!) by Cagalli-bi.

Cagallibi_MG_Impulse_01_s Cagallibi_MG_Impulse_02_s
Cagallibi_MG_Impulse_04_s Cagallibi_MG_Impulse_05_s
Cagallibi_MG_Impulse_06_s Cagallibi_MG_Impulse_07_s
Cagallibi_MG_Impulse_17_s Cagallibi_MG_Impulse_18_s
Awesome action poses by Force Impulse itself...

Cagallibi_MG_Impulse_08_s Cagallibi_MG_Impulse_09_s
... although the duel scene with Freedom seems to be the emphasis all the time.

Cagallibi_MG_Impulse_10_s Cagallibi_MG_Impulse_12_s
Comparison with its earlier 1/100 scale version is obviously... no fight? ^^;

With another 'sharp-edged' SEED MG, Destiny.

Cagallibi_MG_Impulse_19_s Cagallibi_MG_Impulse_16_s
Cagallibi_MG_Impulse_15_s Cagallibi_MG_Impulse_14_s
The optional part for the backpack allows Impulse to use the backpack from Aile Strike/Strike Rouge, Freedom (however ridiculous it seems for it to be using the wing unit of its rival), IWSP and even 1/100 Akatsuki O_O
Not shown in the review, but I'm pretty sure Strike Freedom, Strike Noir, Destiny, and Strike's Sword and Launcher packs are compatible for this MG as well.

All images above are from Cagalli-bi.