Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 15

Resurrection: Checkmate Four

15 things about this episode:

In 1986:
(1) IXA system is now back to Giro
(2) Jiro's past
(3) Rook's the Lion Fangire
(4) Highest body count in 1986
(5) Yuri's revenge
(6) Worst fight for Yuri
(7) Worst fight for Jiro
(8) Double Henshin

In 2008:
(9) Fangire memory lost
(10) No Megumi, no Keisuke
(11) A new female character?
(12) Highest body count in 2008
(13) Kivat Bat having cold?
(14) Direct Garulu form Henshin
(15) Garulu Saber used on Kiva

kiva15_01 kiva15_02
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kiva15_09 kiva15_10
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kiva15_21 kiva15_22
kiva15_23 kiva15_24
kiva15_25 kiva15_26
kiva15_27 kiva15_28
kiva15_29 kiva15_30
kiva15_31 kiva15_32
kiva15_33 kiva15_34
kiva15_35 kiva15_36
kiva15_37 kiva15_38
kiva15_39 kiva15_40
kiva15_41 kiva15_42

Preview for next week's episode "Player: Cruel Rule":
- Ixa system back to Otoya
- Jiro and Otoya working together against Rook
- Wataru unconscious?
- Powered IXAA's debut

kiva15_43 kiva15_44
kiva15_45 kiva15_46
kiva15_47 kiva15_48