Monday, May 05, 2008

Limited Gunplas from Gunpla Expo Nagoya


As reported in March, this year's Gunpla Expo is held in Nagoya Parco's Parco Gallery from the 25th April to 11th May. For those who missed it, you can take a look at the many photos from the event in this previous posting.

Then again, I realize that we get to see very few pictures of the event-limited Gunplas from Gunpla Expo Nagoya. While the images below are from The Gundam Base Side One, I have no idea where to locate them in their website since I don't know Korean. Luckily the fine folks at Toysdaily posted the images in their forum for Gundam fans to see ^^

GunplaExpo_Nagoya_Gunpla_01_s GunplaExpo_Nagoya_Gunpla_02_s
1/60 Gundam Exia Clear Color Version - 4,500 Yen (exclusive of tax)

GunplaExpo_Nagoya_Gunpla_09_s GunplaExpo_Nagoya_Gunpla_10_s
MG Strike Freedom Gundam Clear Color Version - 4,800 Yen (exclusive of tax)

MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0 Real Type Color Specs - 4,000 Yen (exclusive of tax)
* The front view is missing ^^;

GunplaExpo_Nagoya_Gunpla_03_s GunplaExpo_Nagoya_Gunpla_04_s
HGUC Gundam RX-78-2 Clear Color Version - 1,000 Yen (exclusive of tax)

GunplaExpo_Nagoya_Gunpla_05_s GunplaExpo_Nagoya_Gunpla_06_s
HGUC Char's Zaku II Metallic Version - 2,000 Yen (exclusive of tax)

GunplaExpo_Nagoya_Gunpla_07_s GunplaExpo_Nagoya_Gunpla_08_s
HG 1/144 Gundam Exia Metallic Version - 2,200 Yen (exclusive of tax)

GunplaExpo_Nagoya_Gunpla_12_s GunplaExpo_Nagoya_Gunpla_13_s
BB Senshi Sangokuden Ryuubi Gundam Metallic Version - 1,000 Yen (exclusive of tax)
The review on this kit can be found in this previous posting.

GunplaExpo_Nagoya_Gunpla_14_s GunplaExpo_Nagoya_Gunpla_15_s
1/60 Bandai Gunpla molding machine - 600 Yen (exclusive of tax)

My favorite among them is Exia Metallic Version, but unless Bandai decides to give these Gunplas a chance to be released as regular kits, not many people can own them.

Alternately, you can try looking for them on auction sites in the future ^^

All images from Toysdaily.