Friday, May 30, 2008

Raigo Gundam from SEED Frame Astrays

*Not exactly a recent news anymore, as it's also being covered by SRW Hotnews and Winterheim HDD. ^^;

A 'new' Gundam in the world of SEED/Destiny: GAT-FJ108 Raigo Gundam.

Clearly a Strike variation, but the design is... ... ^^;

Raigo_Gundam_mecha_s Raigo_Head_s
Still thinking of milking more money from Strike eh, Bandai?

Gai doesn't seem too pleased with its design either XD

On the other hand, Xist Elwes's Customized CGUE with new equipments which appeared since the previous chapter of SEED Frame Astrays has being officially named: ZGMF-515AS CGUE Assault.

Raigo_CGueAssault_s2 Raigo_CGueAssault_s
Personally, I prefer this Cgue to be released as a model kit instead of the mere color variation some time ago.

Also, news from its official site: Chapter 8 of SEED Frame Astrays is out, and Chapter 9 is coming up soon.

SEEDFrameAstray_08_01_s SEEDFrameAstray_08_02_s
Looks like the fierce battle between Xist Elwes's CGUE Assault and Suu's Kerberos Zaku Warrior is still ongoing in this chapter.

Images from SEED Frame Astrays official site, and SRW Hotnews.