Monday, May 05, 2008

Search & Help Our Environment


Want to help our environment while you're on the Internet?

No no, you don't have to plant a tree next to your computer XD

"goo Green Label is an 'environmentally-friendly' search engine You can contribute to the protection of the global environment by using our search engine, which generates money mainly from the advertisements. The fund raised will be donated to an environmental non-government organization (NGO)."
- from goo Green Label.


Also, if you're using Mozilla Firefox, you'll notice that goo Green Label has been added to the list of search engines on the right top portion of your browser.

Convert to goo Green Label-liaw XD

Also, notice the new search form on the right side of my blog? If you have a blog, you can include that feature and contribute towards goo Green Label's effort as well. Just follow the instruction on its site.

Then again, most of the search results returned are in Japanese... ^^;

That's why I still maintain my Google search form despite having the new one from goo Green Label.

It'll be good if the company can further develop this feature to allow more users outside Japan to use it to help protecting our environment as well.

Special thanks to Chong for the find ^^