Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Miscellaneous Gundam Updates from Hobby Japan July Issue

Updates on a few Gundam merchandises from Hobby Japan July issue and mecha setting of various new and old MSs and MAs from Gundam Double O and its side stories.

GFF_Psycho_MkII_GMkIII_01_s GFF_Psycho_MkII_GMkIII_02_s GFF_Psycho_MkII_GMkIII_03_s
GFF Metal Composite Psycho Gundam Mk. II and Gundam Mk. III.

MSIA Nadleeh - September release, 2,625 Yen (inclusive of tax)
MSIA Throne Eins - Late July release, 3,150 Yen (inclusive of tax)
Information on the other MSIAs can be found in this previous posting.

U.C. Hard Graph Earth Federation Forces Semovente Corps Set - Fall release, price TBA.

G Flex 00 3rd - All five normal (Exia, Nadleeh, and Team Trinity) and two special "Trans-Am" color type (Exia and Nadleeh), late June release, 315 Yen each (with tax).

Strategy of Gundam Field (SOGF) - August release. All nine types, 420 Yen each (with tax). The details of this gashapon set in this previous posting.

H.G.C.O.R.E. 4th - Mid June release, all eight types (Astraea, Astreae Type F, Exia, Exia "Trans-Am" mode, Overflag, Graham Aker's Overflag, Legend, and Strike Freedom), 200 Yen each.
H.G.C.O.R.E. 5th's release date is the same as the 4th, all eight types as well, 200 Yen each. Nadleeh normal and "Trans-Am" mode are among the figures included.

SEED the Hyper Hybrid Mode 3rd - Early August release, all four types (Aile Strike, Freedom, Destiny, and another unknown MS), 735 Yen each (with tax).

The Heroes of Sangokuden set - August release, 2,100 Yen per set (with tax). Each figure stands 3cm tall only!
Gundam Collection DX - Autumn release, price and number of figures TBA. Only three are announced here: F91, V2 Assault Buster, and Z Plus C1 [Bst] "Hummingbird".

O Gundam, and...

...various Tieren and Helion variations from Gundam Double O.

Abulhool_Mecha_Setting_01_s Abulhool_Mecha_Setting_02_s Abulhool_Mecha_Setting_01_s
Gundam Abulhool from Gundam 00P

Abulhool_Mecha_Setting_02_s Throne_Varanus_Mecha_Setting_s
Throne Varanus from Gundam 00V

All images from Toysdaily.

Also related to Gundam Double O, two new figurines have being announced by B-Club: 1/7 Sumeragi and Felt Grace swimsuit ver. Both of them are unassembled kit, and has being listed on Hobby Search.

BClub_Unassembled_Sumeragi_Swimsuit_s BClub_Unassembled_Felt_Swimsuit_s
Sumeragi - July release, 11,800 Yen (exclusive of tax).
Felt Grace - July release, 9,800 Yen (exclusive of tax).
Where's Christina? ^^;
Images from Toysdaily.

If you're a fan of Sadalsuud Type F, you can pre-order the resin kit as seen from the recent Shizuoka Hobby Show on Hobby Search as well. Coming in late July, the price is 14,800 Yen (exclusive of tax).

Should fans be happy that they don't have to scratch build this mecha, or be feeling bad about its price? ^^;