Saturday, May 24, 2008

MG Athrun's Gundam & Dengeki Hobby July Issue

Surprise, surprise,

or rather,

Hell! It's about time for Athrun (I've being saying this quite often these few days eh? ^^;)

The video downloadable by people who purchased MG Force Impulse Gundam hinted strongly at the end of the clip that the next MG coming in Fall will be one of Athrun's Gundams (he piloted four: Aegis, Justice, Savior and Infinite Justice). This news is up on Gunota Headlines, as well as SRW Hotnews. Both of the sites suggests that it will be Infinite Justice.

This screen shot is the only hint! XD

You decide which one to drool on (or not at all if you're not Athrun's fans ^^;) after watching this video.

Phase Impulse MG edition - So sorry for those who download it after their MG Force Impulse purchase. ^^; The video is already up on Tudou. Follow this link to that site if you can't see anything.

Official scans of Dengeki Hobby July Issue from Dengeki Hobbyweb.

DengekiHobby_7_01_s DengekiHobby_7_02_s
This issue comes with a Gundam Astraea card.

Plenty of MG Force Impulse to marvel at ^^ ...

... and R3 walker Galliar too.
All images from Dengeki Hobbyweb.