Friday, May 09, 2008

Musha Keroro Anime


We have seen its model kit, ...

Musha Keroro

Tamama Foot Soldier

Kururu Quack Doctor

Giroro Rounin

Dororo Chieftain

... We have seen its manga, ...

Keroro_Warrior_Manga_01_s Keroro_Warrior_Manga_02_s Keroro_Warrior_Manga_03_s

... and now, Musha Keroro is finally getting it anime run. According to Space Diary of the Captain, the first episode will be this Saturday, May 10th, 10 - 10.30AM, in Japan of course.

Keroro Gunsou in the Feudal Age.

The bad guy, which is pretty much spot-on ^^

Great! Angol Mois is in as well ^^

Very cute villagers ^^

The villain and his serpent robot, which appeared in the construction manual of Musha Keroro.

Can't wait to watch it myself XD

Images of Keroro manga and anime screen shots are from Space Diary of the Captain.