Tuesday, May 13, 2008

HCM-Pro Gundam Deathscythe & Others


Moeyo reported that HCM-Pro Gundam Deathscythe and Tieren Space Set are now on sale in Japan.

Moeyo_HCMPro_DC_TierenSpace_02_s Moeyo_HCMPro_DC_TierenSpace_03_s
Moeyo_HCMPro_DC_TierenSpace_04_s Moeyo_HCMPro_DC_TierenSpace_05_s
Moeyo_HCMPro_DC_TierenSpace_06_s Moeyo_HCMPro_DC_TierenSpace_07_s
HCM-Pro Gundam Deathscythe, 2,800 Yen (without tax)

Moeyo_HCMPro_DC_TierenSpace_08_s Moeyo_HCMPro_DC_TierenSpace_09_s
Moeyo_HCMPro_DC_TierenSpace_10_s Moeyo_HCMPro_DC_TierenSpace_11_s
Moeyo_HCMPro_DC_TierenSpace_12_s Moeyo_HCMPro_DC_TierenSpace_13_s
HCM-Pro Tieren Space Set, 3,200 Yen (without tax)

Images above are from Moeyo.

Also, as reported by Gunota Headlines, you can take a look at HCM-Pro Deathscythe from different angles (and size) using Gunpla Guruguru Flash VR viewer on Gundam.Info.

Image from Gunpla Guruguru Flash VR viewer.

On a (not-so) separate note, Happinet Online posted photos of the upcoming MSIA Gundam Throne Eins. If you don't know this already, unlike its HG 1/144 Gunpla series, MSIA Team Trinity comes in an almost "descending" order. The first to be released will be Throne Zwei in late May, followed by Throne Drei a month later. This Throne Eins will complete the MSIA series for Team Trinity.

Happinet_MSIAThroneEins_03_s Happinet_MSIAThroneEins_04_s
MSIA Throne Eins, July release, 3,000 Yen (without tax).
Images from Happinet Online.

Finally, bigger photos of MG Shin Musha Gundam and HGUC Sazabi to tempt you more XD

Toysdaily_MG_ShinMusha_New_01_s Toysdaily_MG_ShinMusha_New_02_s
Images from Toysdaily.

Toysdaily_HGUC_Sazabi_New_01_s Toysdaily_HGUC_Sazabi_New_02_s
Images from Toysdaily.

For your note (again ^^;):
- MG Shin Musha Gundam, June release, 5,000 Yen (without tax)
- HGUC Sazabi, June release, 2,800 Yen (without tax)