Wednesday, February 20, 2008

PG Kampfer vs Gundam NT-1

The folks at G System are planning another project for their PG conversion attempts. This time, they are going to design Gundam NT-1 and Kampfer, the famous rivalry from UC0080: War in a Pocket.


From what I know, this will be their third PG attempt, after 1/72 Jadg Doga and Hi-Nu Gundam, and from these two previous releases, I'm sure both Gundam NT-1 and Kampfer are going to be awesome. ^^; It's not reviewed at the moment, which PG will be used for these two conversion kits, but since Gundam NT-1 and Kampfer are not as big as Jadg Doga and Hi-Nu, the scale will be at 1/60.

The completed models will be available in May 2008 (subject to changes), and the set is priced at $500. Of course you can order Gundam NT-1 and Kampfer separately. The earlier is $300 (pre-order price $260); while $350 for the later (pre-order price $290).

On the other hand, the latest offering from G System is the MG conversion for Ex-S Gundam. This conversion package reinforces the mecha design of the MG version, while maintaining its ability to transform. As a result, your Ex-S Gundam will look closer to G System's flagship 1/35 Ex-S, but a transformable one instead.

GSystem_ExS_06_s GSystem_ExS_07_s
GSystem_ExS_04_s GSystem_ExS_05_s
This conversion kit will be available by the end of February at $235. More images on G System.

All images from G System.