Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Alternate Gundam Double O

Another set of Gundam Double O 'goodies' XD

SamuraiMeisters_s TieriaAllelujahKimono_s
Samurai Meisters vs Allelujah & Tieria in Kimono...
Hmmm... ^^;

Target confirmed... Neena Trinity... Setsuna... escaping! XD

After Exia, Astraea received its MG Girl treatment as well ^^

It seems that Patrick the AEU Ace is getting more and more fans XD

Exia Ver. 2.0? ^^;

TallgeeseFlag_s.1 TallgeeseFlag_s
Even Tallgeese Flags come in different variations now XD
Anybody planning to modify their Flags?

Tieren-tank, Tieren-Hazel, Tieren-Hildoltr, Samurai Tieren... Plenty of creative ideas to modify your Tieren ^^

Many people are screaming for the MG release of Graham Arce's Customized Flag, especially after Episode 18.

This is how Sergei and Soma look like when they are not in the army...
Maybe they should just stay in the army XD

Lucky Star Soma wishing you a great day ahead ^^

Soma_Allelujah_Comic_s LockonsRealName_s
Spoof from Episode 15: Soma is in 'grave danger' against Hallelujah.
Also, even Lockon's real name can't run away from being ridiculed XD

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