Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Reviews on My Favorite Movies Before 2008 Part 2

Continued from yesterday

6. Beowulf
Stunning 3D is stunning indeed ^^

If I didn't know that the characters in the movie were 'reconstructed' in 3D, I would be wondering what's wrong with their makeups and action XD. With that said, the 3D animation for the movie isn't as sophisticated as to able to totally replace the real actors' details, but that's really nitpicking there, since in 3D, the battle sequences are just plain awesome and surreal, which would be impossible for the human characters to perform.

With the 3D characters, the casts look just like any human actors, but are able to perform 'super-human' stunts.

And Angelina Jolie, wow! o_0

Angelina Jolie, wow!

Personally, I like the story very much. This is the first Beowulf I watched, even though I was tempted to check out Beowulf & Grendel, starring Gerard Butler (King Leonidas in '300') as Beowulf and Stellan SkarsgÄrd (Bootstrap Bill Turner in 'Pirates of the Caribbean) as King Hrothgar. I believe the story is the same between the different versions of movie, since they are based upon the old literature work of the same name. The story talks about men's weakness in the face of lust/wealth/pride, and how the same mistake is made over and over again, which resulted in the repetition of the same tragic ending as well.

So, when you're watching this movie, please note that there are other stuff to watch out for, other than Angelina Jolie of course ^^;

7. I Am Legend
I totally love this movie. This is probably the only movie in don't-know-how-long which features only one human character most of the time, and Will Smith sure knows how to make that work.

Oh yeah, not forgetting his dog, Sam as well.

Unlike most other movies with zombies, you get to see very little of them, until the second half of the movie towards the end. So, where's the interesting stuff? Will Smith's character of course. The emphasis is on the lone survivor, and the whole dead city of New York. With the entire city belonging to you during the day, what are you going to do? There are many far-away shots of Will Smith in his daily life, which is both 'awe-inspiring' and lonely as well.

'Awe-inspiring' and lonely scene like playing golf on top of a fighter jet o_0

The editing of the story is brilliant as well. Will Smith's flashback of the epidemic that killed New York is arranged to be darker and sadder as more details are reviewed, which also depicts Will Smith's fate in that movie. As you get to know more of how the dead city is so and when you're hoping to see more of the character, the movie is moving towards the end, and so is the protagonist's life as well.

A lot can be said about the actor as well. I always enjoy Will Smith's movies, like Men in Black I and II, Wild Wild West, Independence Day and I, Robot, and now 'I Am Legend' as well.

Although his character is from the military, Will Smith is quite poor with his aim ^^;

Good story, action, emotion, with just one actor most of the time. Quite a legend indeed ^^

8. National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Who doesn't like treasure hunting? ^^

Like the first movie, 'Book of Secrets' is a very entertaining movie to watch. With Walt Disney as one of the co-producing companies, you know this is going to be a movie suitable for the entire family to watch. As a matter of fact, family value is an important message portrayed in this movie, as Nicholas Cage not only brings his girlfriend and sidekick in his quest this time, his parents tag along (in a way) as well. Used to be separated, his parents reunite happily at the end of the movie, just like Nicholas Cage's character and his girlfriend. Great family movie, like I said.

What about the story then?

As compared to the first movie, I think this one is a lot less suspenseful. The car chase in London is a great scene, but I really don't feel the tension of the chase between Cage and his enemy as seen in the last movie. Probably it's because the villain this time, isn't exactly evil ^^; and his main role is just to 'motivate' Cage forcefully to go for this treasure hunt in the first place.

I don't think the real White House is so careless against people like Benjamin Gates XD

I believe more people will visit the library after watching this movie ^^

Somehow this picture looks like a family photo for Nicholas Cage XD

I was kind-of disappointed with the kidnapping the president plot as seen from the trailer. After watching the movie, I was thinking, "like that only-ah?" XD It's quite fun anyway, so I do recommend this movie to everybody.

9. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
The best Tim Burton movie so far?

The first thought I had after the movie was, "How could they turn this into a musical?" The cast sing about their sad history; after they got beaten up; and during the killings as well. I don't know about you, but there are a lot of black humor in all those scenes for me.

I really enjoyed this movie, despite the gloomy theme of vengeance and of course, the killings. As a matter, the movie uses gloomy lighting throughout the movie. Not a big deal if you watched some other previous movies by Tim Burton, especially Sleepy Hollow, which also starred Johnny Depp as the lead.

Johnny Depp and his friend, the shaving knife promoting his barber shop on the street.

Speaking of Johnny Depp, wow, he can really act, sing, and act & sing at the same time ^^

I highly recommend this movie to everyone. Never mind the the blood and the gore, just watch it as a very creative piece of artwork and enjoy the story ^^

Mrs. Lovett (played by Helena Bonham Carter) sings quite well too.

Alan Rickman, the cast for Judge Turpin in this movie, was Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. I recognized him from his deep voice.

10. Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem
Discussed about this movie a while back ^^