Friday, February 15, 2008

HG 1/144 Throne Zwei & Others

The second Gundam Throne, the "crazy" one, Throne Zwei piloted by Michael Trinity is scheduled to be released next month at 1,500 Yen, which is 100 Yen less than his elder brother, Johann's Throne Eins. Unlike Throne Eins, this new model seems to be given less exposure by Bandai prior to its release. It's probably because the Team Trinity and their Gundam Thrones are being revealed quite clearly over the past three episodes, and some might have started anticipating GN Arms instead ^^

Nonetheless, Neena's Throne Drei is coming up next, April release maybe?

GBS1_HGThroneZwei_01_s GBS1_HGThroneZwei_02_s
Red is my favorite color for Gunpla, but I don't think I'll get this one, or any of the Thrones - to save up for the four 1/100 Gundams instead.

GBS1_HGThroneZwei_07_s GBS1_HGThroneZwei_08_s
Throne Zwei looks even more complex than Throne Eins to me.

GBS1_HGThroneZwei_03_s GBS1_HGThroneZwei_04_s
A huge sword, and very big waist armors as well XD

GBS1_HGThroneZwei_05_s GBS1_HGThroneZwei_06_s
From the unpainted model shown on the left, you can pretty much anticipate the amount of painting needs to be done, especially on the sword and waist armors ^^;
Also, it seems like his Fangs are non-removable.

Another two upcoming Gunplas are HGUC Nu Gundam and MG Zaku Mine Layer:

HGUC Nu Gundam

GBS1_HGUC_Nu_02_s GBS1_HGUC_Nu_01_s
GBS1_HGUC_Nu_03_s GBS1_HGUC_Nu_04_s
This is very much the downsized MG version of Nu Gundam, but I'm sure this HGUC model can do much better than its MG predecessor in almost all aspects because of its smaller size and better design.

GBS1_HGUC_Nu_05_s GBS1_HGUC_Nu_06_s
Functional Fin Funnels! ^_^

MG Zaku II Mine Layer

GBS1_MG_ZakuMineLayer_01_s GBS1_MG_ZakuMineLayer_02_s
If you look at it from the front, there's really not much difference between this 'new' Zaku and MG MS-06J, is there? ^^;
Then again, note that the color of the conductive pipes is now black instead of green (as seen on MS-06J).

GBS1_MG_ZakuMineLayer_03_s GBS1_MG_ZakuMineLayer_04_s
One of the conductive pipes of its head is linked to the backpack instead, which is probably the most unique design of Zaku Mine Layer.
Since this is MS-06F, we pretty much get to see all the designs for the next MG Zaku already XD

GBS1_MG_ZakuMineLayer_05_s GBS1_MG_ZakuMineLayer_06_s
I'm very sure I'll not get this new Zaku ^^;

All images from The Gundam Base Side One.