Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gundam 00 Episode 18

The Tips of the Malice

Sorry for the late posting regarding the latest episode of Gundam Double O this time. I was waiting for the video on Tudou till 2 a.m. last night, but was ultimately defeated by sleepiness and decided to check back today.

Episode 18 is easily the most depressing episode so far for me. Team Trinity launched their version of "armed intervention" and attacked a military factory run by civilian, and worst, a civilian wedding party attended by Louise, and her parents. Either Team Trinity is evil, or they are crazy, or maybe they are both. With that said, I'm sure they will become the ultimate enemy for the world and crew of Ptolemaios (and I support that very much). As a matter of fact, we get a glimpse of the action between Exia and the Thrones at the last minute of this episode.

The secrets behind the Gundams got more deadly after this episode, as there seems to be a secret organization behind the scene killing off people who know anything about the them, and I highly doubt that even Wong Liu Mei knows about this. Also, whether or not they are protecting the secrets of the Celestial Beings, or maybe a sinister scheme behind the veil of promoting world peace remains unclear. In this episode, the soldier who gave some information about Team Trinity (actually it was just a word) to Saji's sister became undone, and from the looks of it, Saji's sister is next...

Some very intriguing but sad moment between Saji and Louisse towards the end of the episode. Be ready to shed you tears for the cute girl ;_;

You can watch this episode on Tudou (with Chinese subtitle).