Thursday, February 21, 2008

SHCM-Pro Char's Zaku II & HG Tieren Space Type

For those who are interested in getting Super HCM-Pro Char's Zaku II, you can take a peek at this awesome action figure on Gizmodo Japan, probably the first to review this new item. Apart from the details of its inner frame, the action poses of this SHCM-Pro is almost unbelievable ^^

SHCM-ProCharZakuII_01_s SHCM-ProCharZakuII_02_s
The inner frame of this Zaku is quite different from that on the MG version.

Comparison with the HGUC version.

For an 1/144 scale figure, these action poses are just sweet :D
Images from Gizmodo Japan

SHCM-ProCharZakuII_07_s SHCM-ProCharZakuII_08_s
Two additional images of its maintenance hanger from Toysdaily (with more) .

On the other hand, the latest model from Gundam Double O is HG Tieren Space Type. Here an assembled one from Climax F:

ClimaxF_TierenSpace_01_s ClimaxF_TierenSpace_02_s
ClimaxF_TierenSpace_03_s ClimaxF_TierenSpace_04_s
ClimaxF_TierenSpace_05_s ClimaxF_TierenSpace_06_s
ClimaxF_TierenSpace_07_s ClimaxF_TierenSpace_08_s
Images from Climax F.