Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gundam 00 Episode 19


Gundam Meisters vs Gundam Meisters, finally! ^^

I'm sure many are anticipating the action of Setsuna and co. on Team Trinity after their murderous operations, especially after last week.

With the assault on Team Trinity, this episode pretty much sealed the conflict within the Celestial Beings. So in the future, the crew of Ptolemaios will not only have the whole world on their tail, but Team Trinity as well. More importantly, 'Veda', and the people behind the Celestial Beings seem to have a covert project not known to Sumeragi and the Meisters. The odds seem to be getting higher for Setsuna and co. now...

Then again, 'thanks' to Team Trinity, the friendship between the Meisters has improved greatly, especially Setsuna and Tieria. Too bad Kyrios isn't in the fight in this episode, else their 'family photo' would be a great scene to be performed by your Gundam 00 Gunplas. ^^

Other important points for this episode:
- Gundam Nadleeh's judgment
- two-faced Alejandro Corner
- Lockon's past
- Setsuna's real name
- theme song for Saji and Louisse
- Team Trinity's base on Earth
- secrets in Antarctica

On the other hand, as Gundam Double O moves into this Meisters-vs-Meisters plot line, many previous build-ups of the story seem to be left hanging now, for example, the duel between Setsuna and Ali, Lockon vs Graham, Allelujah vs Soma, Tieria vs Patrick, and not forgetting the relationship between Setsuna and Maria, as well as Sumeragi and Billy. Apart from these sub-stories, I'm sure you can think of some other characters who seem to be left on the shelves. With just another six episodes left to conclude Season 1, I wonder how the producers are going to continue with all those smaller stories within this Gundam series. I think it'll be a shame if they just finish off all those smaller stories (as well as some characters) with five minutes on each in the remaining episodes. Maybe they will be brought forward to Season 2?

You can watch this episode on Tudou (with Chinese subtitle).