Wednesday, February 06, 2008

PLAMO Review 27: MG Strike Freedom Part 3

After Part 2, I applied some decals to my Strike Freedom. Not the usual numbering or designation codes found on other MGs, Strike Freedom's decals are designed to be extremely stylish and romantic. The ones on the left shoulder and wing unit use Italic serif font face, making this MG very suitable for display even without any action pose.

I like the design of the decals so much, the amount of decals I used on this model is actually more than that of my Zaku II Ver. 2.0 and Strike Noir combined. ^^

Then again, the void of action pose on this Strike Freedom does not do any justice to its powerful articulation. It's capable of a wide range of action, and while taking the photos for this review, most of the problems I faced was adjusting the best angle for the poses, while there seems to be endless possibilities of what Strike Freedom can do.

There's absolutely no place on my shelves to accommodate the whole wingspan ^^;

The only hindrance to all the fun is the Super Dragoon. Apart from its massive size and span, it's very heavy as well. It's a bit difficult adjusting the poses of Strike Freedom with the backpack on. So I detached the whole backpack before putting on a pose for Strike Freedom, and only put it back on when I'm satisfied. If it's a standing pose, I'll need to adjust the legs as well so that Strike Freedom can stand firmly; but if it's for the display stand, then stability of the model shouldn't be a problem at all.

While the stability of the model is not an issue, the Super Dragoon is so heavy even for the display stand to cope with. If the weight of the model is not evenly distributed, i.e. if Strike Freedom is posed with his waist turned either to the left or right, then the display stand will look as if it's suffering from Osteoporosis, and you will start worrying if it's going to break soon ^^;

That's why for all the actions poses below, Strike Freedom's waist seems to be static. I also used Action Display Stand for them instead to give Strike Freedom's display stand a rest.

If you haven't assemble any of the Strike MGs, then the sliding thigh armor should be a very fun feature to play with as well.
The combined beam rifle is cool, but quite hard to hold with both hands because of its length ^^;

Plenty of combo with the many weapons given ^^

Strike Freedom can perform probably the most natural-looking kneeling pose, along with Zaku II Ver. 2.0.

Finally, a little reminder if you're going to purchase this MG: while the Super Dragoon features mechanism for combinational movement, the joint of the wing unit worn out easily. So do avoid excessive usage of that part.

The edge of the joint is a bit deformed, just after two days!