Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Poking Fun at Gundam Double O Again

If you recall, I poked fun at Gundam Double O just about a month ago. Today, the fun continues XD

I'll definitely try out this pose on the four 1/100 Gundams from Gundam Double O when I get my hands on all of them ^^

Exia finally got his MG Girl treatment ^o^ ...

... and not one, but two! ^^

AvalancheGirl_s BomBomExia_s
In case you forgot, that's Gundam Avalanche in MG Girl design. On the right is Bomberman in Exia's 'costume'. XD
Still remember Bomberman anyone?

The Meisters look like they just came back from South Park XD. And what's with Lockon and Allelujah's faces?

Tieria is shown making coffee in the ending theme of the series. It seems that he bakes cookies as well? XD
Also, with Team Trinity running amok after their debut, the original Meisters seem a lot more likable even though they have their own issues in the past.

Keroro Billy and Graham XD

SomaTierenTaozi_02_s SomaTierenTaozi_03_s
Soma loves Gunpla too ^^
And presenting: Tieren's ultimate form - Gurren Lagann Tieren!

We finally know why Tieren Taozi is painted in pink XD